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The Dovecote location and grounds

The Dovecote offers you luxury self-catering in the picturesque village of Penallt in Monmouthshire, Wales. It provides the perfect romantic hide-away from which to explore the stunning Wye Valley AONB, making it perfect for a romantic break or honeymoon in Welsh countryside.

The Dovecote grounds include about two acres of Ancient Woodland - part of Pwll Mawr wood - and a Dingle. The tree canopy is essentially Oak and Hazel and also  includes Ash, Rowan, Elder, Alder, Beech, Spindle, Douglas Fir, Birch, Lime, Yew, Holly and Perry Pear, with associated birds and animals.


Why not practice the ancient Japanese therapy of Forest Bathing, or Shinrin Yoku, which has been used for decades to improve health and happiness and bring about a sense of calm and well being.


There is an area just above the lawn in the woods, where logs have been set out for an opportunity to take advantage of the tree canopy, flora and fauna.


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A Dingle in Autumn


The raven's croak from a sky-lined oak

Summons a sensation, thus awoke,

To climb, where the tower's trees will show

A long green corridor below

As sickly sunlight lingers low

Under King Offa's long divide

Gifting Gwy to the Celtic side

The fortified tunnel of cloud and tide

The Wye's wondrous waters, Merlyn mystified.

His ghost wanders throughout ancient Wales

The shadowed paths and dormouse trails

Weaved by harts tongue and turkey tails

Stepping steeply to a dingle and a dell

Above a man made meadow

By the melted chocolate river flow

Tree trunks and logs on tow

Like husks of dreams of long ago

Bathed in Autumn's dying glow.

Predators haunt holloways where

Among berried holly and birches bare

The hunters hide and have their lair

With here and there a perry pear.

Through fallen, ferny forks the phantom stalks

With wedged wings and rose red eyes,

While a vixen screams a victim dies,

Beneath a blood moon on the rise

Cutting into cold and bloodless skies.